The best way to ensure that your group has a tee-time every weekend. The season begins on the weekend of May 2nd / 3rd and continues through September 5th / 6th.

Available Saturday Permanent Tee-times

6:16 | 6:25| 9:15 | 10:06

Available Sunday Permanent Tee-times

5:34 | 5:42 | 5:50 | 5:59 | 6:08 | 9:32 | 9:40 | 9:49 |

Membership Includes

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19 Rounds of Golf (walking)

Play at your specified weekend tee-time that you keep for the entire season. No lottery system and no limit on substitutions. If you’re unable to find a substitute for one of your scheduled rounds, please let us know and we will open your spot. If we sell your spot we will issue you a raincheck that is good for the season.

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Permanent Tee-Time Member Gift

Permanent Tee-Time Members receive a premium embroidered GGC member golf apparel item. In the past we have gifted outerwear, golf polo shirts and golf gear from top golf brands. Additional apparel may be purchased.

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Additional Permanent Tee-Time Member Benefits

  • Members are allowed to book up to 3 weeks out for additional tee-times during the week.
  • Members receive complimentary breakfast or lunch on select Member Appreciation weekends throughout the season.
  • Discounted CDGA Handicap Membership



  • Cash discount available (cash or check). reduces fee to $1,145 per member or $4,580 per foursome.
  • Payment by credit card $1,180 per member or $4,720 per foursome
  • Payment must be made by check or cash only to receive the cash discount.
  • Please make checks payable to: GLENCOE GOLF CLUB.
  • Full payment required by February 28th in order to secure foursome.

Sign up & Payment

All 2019 permanent tee time holders are eligible to renew their current permanent tee time for 2020 prior to releasing the times to the public. To secure your tee time, full payment for the foursome is required by February 28th, 2020. The foursome’s captain must register the entire foursome, please have full contact information for all four players.

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Interested in joining us for the 2020 season? Have a question? Please let us know down below

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