Indoor Golf Instruction

Indoor Golf Programs

Your Golf Swing Program Taught By Bill Sakas

Use this off-season to finally learn “YOUR GOLF SWING” through a program created by Bill Sakas. The “YOUR GOLF SWING” program is designed to utilize technology used by PGA TOUR PROFESSIONALS to produce more consistent golf shots and eliminate your bad swing habits. Use the technology the pros use every day to become more consistent. […]

Geoff Lound’s Winter Specials

As a potential student, you will have the opportunity to meet PGA professional Geoff Lound and tour our facility at the Glencoe Golf Club. During the assessment, your game will be evaluated and then a program will be recommended to help achieve your goals in 2020. Book your 30 minute assessment today for only $25.00

Indoor Scoring Packages Taught By Matt Radde

Although practicing indoors is quite different from hitting balls outdoors on the range, there are many advantages. Students tend to focus more on the “Point of Contact” with the ball rather than worry about how far, or where, it’s going. This thinking simplifies the swing mechanics for the student and results in a more relaxed […]

Online Swing Video Analysis

Having trouble with your golf swing, but can't make it to the golf course for a lesson? Capture, compare and improve your golf swing on your iPhone, iPad or Android device by recording your swing and sending it to your Coach for analysis. Our PGA Teaching Professionals will analyze your swing or compare it side-by-side to V1 Golf’s library of Tour Professionals.

After purchasing the Online Lesson, download the app and contact one of our teaching pros directly to start sending videos for analysis.

Online Lesson Fees  
1 - Online Lesson $45
10 - Online Lessons $275