Golf Professional Matt Johnson – Glencoe Golf Club

Matt, a Class A PGA Member, is excited to return to the Glencoe Golf Club, where he previously worked as the PGA Head Professional and Teaching Professional from 2000-2005, to focus on what he is truly passionate about, instruction.

Matt has instructed over 10,000 private lessons and clinics to all age groups and aspects of the game. He has developed a loyal and dedicated following of students that have achieved astounding results. He believes that communication is the key to successful lessons and therefore improvement. Practice is always more beneficial and productive if there is a purpose and goal involved. Improvement is measured through setting goals, which the student, along with Matt’s guidance and support, will strive to achieve. Anyone can be a better golfer as long as they have the proper road map to follow. Matt stresses that there are many different swing types and therefore there is no one swing model for all golfers. He believes strongly in the theory of function over form as long as it can be repetitive. He enjoys working with students of all ages and skill levels.

Matt Johnson, Class A PGA

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