Comprehensive Winter Program

The off-season is an ideal time to maintain good form or identify opportunities to improve and seriously work on them to ready yourself for a better season next year. Understanding your swing strengths and weaknesses is important to “practice with a plan.” The Compressive Winter Package will ready your swing to PLAY golf at a higher level instead of waiting until the next season to make changes.

Expected Results:

  • Improved scoring by focusing on distance control with wedges.
  • An understanding of your swing strengths and how to work them to your advantage.
  • A plan for purposeful practice sessions.
  • A seamless transition to bring newly learned skills to the golf course.


All lessons are taught indoors utilizing launch monitor technology that tour professionals utilize. All teaching will be quantifiable using PGA proven technology eliminating the guess work with wedge distances. Training aids and drills will be taught to produce improved rhythm, balance and tempo.

Individual full swing video analysis with in-depth descriptions of suggested swing improvements and week to week comparisons will also be provided.

Program schedule for best results:

Consistent lesson increments recommended along with weekly practice.


$950.00 for 10 hours of individual one on one instruction utilizing PGA level technology and weekly Indoor Practice Time*.  The program price reflects over two hours of free instruction.  (All lessons must be used by April 30th)

$1,100.00 for  | $1,250.00 for 3ppl

*Indoor Practice Time: The program includes indoor practice time based on availability at no additional cost.  The Indoor Practice Time is only available with the purchase of this program.

New Student Assessment

As a potential student, you will have the opportunity to meet PGA professional Geoff Lound and tour our facility at the Glencoe Golf Club. During the assessment, your game will be evaluated and then a program will be recommended to help achieve your goals in 2019. Book your free 25 minute assessment today.

Special Group Lesson Offer

A great way to learn the game of golf in a relaxed atmosphere with your friends! Take lessons at your convenience and split the cost!
(A max of 4 students per lesson.)