Indoor Scoring Packages Taught By Matt Radde – Glencoe Golf Club

Point of Contact Scoring Packages

Although practicing indoors is quite different from hitting balls outdoors on the range, there are many advantages. Students tend to focus more on the “Point of Contact” with the ball rather than worry about how far, or where, it’s going. This thinking simplifies the swing mechanics for the student and results in a more relaxed learning atmosphere with less tension and stress involved.

During the POC scoring sessions, quantitative data recorded by a radar based launch monitor is used in conjunction with video teaching software to analyze swing strengths (and weaknesses) to improve overall ball-striking. This video feedback is necessary to demonstrate to the student HOW and WHAT swing changes are needed to improve distance, accuracy, and quality of contact. Video analysis coupled with launch monitor data draw a full picture to also show the student HOW MUCH distance, accuracy, and contact has improved.

Program schedule for best results:

Consistent lesson increments recommended along with weekly practice.


Point of Contact Scoring Packages:

  • $900 for 10 hours of instruction includes Indoor Practice Time*
  • $500 for 5 hours of instruction includes Indoor Practice Time*

The program price reflects over two hours of free instruction.  (All lessons expire at the end of the 2019 golf season)

*Indoor Practice Time: The Point of Contact Scoring Package includes indoor practice time, based on availability, at no additional cost.  The Indoor Practice Time is only available with the purchase of this package.

45-Minute Ice Breaker Lesson*

$75.00 for 45-minute lesson

(*can be applied to lesson package upgrade)

Indoor Private Lesson Rates

  • $60.00 for 30-minute Indoor
  • $110.00 for 1-hour Indoor
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