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Video Lessons

While you’re at home, you can still make great gains preparing for the season through online golf lessons. Even if you can’t hit a ball you can work on creating new swing and body movements, get a refresher on fundamentals or short game keys to make the most of our current situation.
Send videos of your swing, or short game motion to Geoff with a description of contact and ball flight tendencies and have a personalized video sent to you with a plan to improve.
1 video lesson – $30(33% off!)
1 month program. Up to 10 lessons – $99 (65% off)
All video lessons purchased will get you a ticket into the draw to win one of the following.
1 ticket for 1 lesson, 3 tickets for a month package.
  1. 1 hour private lesson
  2. 30 minute private lesson
  3. 1 dozen Wilson golf balls

Video Lesson

Golf Swing Analysis
$ 30 per video
  • Includes Golf Swing Analysis
  • Personalized Training Video

Video Lesson Package

1 Month of Video Lessons
$ 99 Per Monthly
  • Includes Golf Swing Analysis
  • Personalized Training Videos
  • Get up to 10 video lessons during a month

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