Course Re-rated – Glencoe Golf Club

Our golf course was re-rated for slope and course ratings in July which the USGA requires every 8 years. The process includes both male and female golfers of multiple ages and golfing abilities playing the course on a selected date in order to get a cross-section of data to evaluate all tees for both men and women. Factors such as length, elevations, forced lay-ups and obstacles are also used to determine how the course is rated.

What this means to you:

As a result of the increases in both course rating and slope, you may notice an increase in your course handicap which will offset the newly recognized increase in course difficulty.

In response to a growing concern that the course is getting too difficult, the course has added a “hybrid” set of tees which utilizes both the red and green tees based on the overall length of the hole. The course has been rated both for slope and rating from the hybrid tees which will allow you to post scores for the new hybrid tees as well as convert your handicap index to the hybrid tees and give you an official handicap for competition. A scorecard with the hybrid tees is now available in the golf shop as well.

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