Biv Wadden, PGA Bio

William M. (Biv) Wadden is a Class A PGA Professional with over 50 years studying the golf swing and 11 years of direct teaching experience. Biv played on the men’s golf team at the University of Notre Dame, was a three-time Monogram winner runner-up in the Indiana Intercollegiate. He has conducted a lifetime investigation into the swing philosophies and teaching methodologies of the best teachers in the United States, having personally worked with over 30 of the nation’s Top-100 instructors. 

Developing younger students into top competitors is a primary goal. During his past 11 years teaching, Biv has shown demonstrated success teaching competitive juniors, with eight of his students becoming ranked in the top-ten in the state for their graduation year. His students have won over 25 IJGA events, including the Chick Evans Junior Match Play. Six of his students have placed in the top-10 at the Illinois State High School Championship.  

Biv also specializes in advanced putting instruction. He is one of the few instructors in the United States to be fully certified in all three major putting analytic devices: SAM PuttLab, Capto, and the Quintic Ball Roll Monitor. Biv has lectured on putting mechanics the Annual David Orr Flatstick Conference and at the PGA Show in Orlando, FL. 

Biv brings a comprehensive approach to golf instruction that includes full swing technique, wedge play, putting, and course management. He teaches a very classic golf swing that emphasizes essential swing fundamentals found across the best ball strikers. These include a well-formed grip, proper wrist, and body alignments at the top of the backswing, and a well-balanced finish. 

Biv’s professional certifications include: Class A PGA Professional, AGCP Level 9 Clubfitter, Level 2 Kwon Biomechanics, Penn State Golf Biomechanics, Forces and Motion Gold Certification, Golf Biodynamics, David Orr Certified Flatstick Instructor, Level 3 SAM PuttLab, Level 2 Capto, and Level 2 Quintic Ball Roll Monitor.   

Private Golf Instruction

60 minutes
$ 130 Per 60 minute lesson

Advanced Putting Instruction Program

Program Highlights:

Instructor: Biv Wadden, Class A PGA Teaching Instructor and recognized putting instruction expert.

Technology: Detailed stroke analysis is conducted using the latest cutting-edge putting analysis technology. All three leading putting stroke diagnostic tools are utilized: SAM Putt Lab 3D, Capto and the Hackmotion wrist-motion device.

Technique: Through decades long-research, the common characteristics and movement fundamentals of great putters have been identified. Those fundamentals are introduced in a sequence that’s easy to understand and adopt. The technique we teach is “normal.” No faddish gim-micks.

Training: Instruction without diligent training is unlikely to “stick.” Sessions are long enough to provide ample training time for new skill development.

Program Cost: Receive 1.5 hours of highly specific personal instruction for $195. 

Program Curriculum:

  • The program is taught individually for a 1.5 hour session.
  • Initial work is conducted indoors in the GCC “putting lab” and focused exclusively on stroke mechanics.
  • Stroke mechanics are analyzed using SAM Puttlab 3D, Capto, Hackmotion, and slow motion video.
  • Science and Motion (SAM) Puttlab tests are used to diagnose putting issues and benchmark progress.
  • A recommendation for a correct putter fit (either putter retrofit or a new putter recommendation) is provided.
  • The “Putting Arc” training aid is used to develop a consistent and symmetric putterhead path.
  • The session ends outdoors to deal direct-ly with the “real world.” We focus on breaking putts, lag putts, green reading, and effective practice drills.
  • Participants receive my 30-page “Putting Fundamentals Manual” 

What Will You Learn?

  • How to form a proper “putting-specific” putting grip.
  • A proper setup that optimizes the necessary joint-movement efficiency required for an effective putting stroke.
  • Putter characteristics (length, weight and grip type) that are best for a typical “neutral” putting stroke.
  • Your aim bias. Do you mis-aim or mis-perceive? What is the difference?
  • How to “walk into the ball” properly to develop a repeatable aiming process.
  • The right timing and rhythm for a good stroke. How do they change for different distances and stimp readings.
  • Learn why “zero acceleration at impact” is critical for distance control.
  • How the best putters let their head move post impact to keep their “Y” intact.
  • Practice drills that reinforce “making” putts.
  • Participants receive my green reading “Break-Margin Tables”

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