At Home Golf Practice with Bill Sakas – Glencoe Golf Club

PGA Class A Professional Bill Sakas would like to help his fellow golfers through this ordeal by offering FREE video analysis of your golf game (swing,putting chipping and pitching motion). Feel free to send your video to Bill and get a free short analysis and drills to help you improve your game. We are all in this together!!!!!

Video analyses will be limited based on time & submissions. If you would like additional video lessons you can purchase below. 

Interested in personalized golf swing tips 

If you’re interested in personalized golf swing tips, stretches, or drills sent directly to your inbox, contact Bill Sakas and he will work with you remotely to improve your golf game. You can send Bill Sakas your swing videos for analysis, ask him about best short game improvement drills, or about his time on tour or his time with classic players like Johnny Revolta. 

Personalized Video Lesson

$ 24
per video
  • Includes Personalized Golf Swing Analysis
  • Includes Personalized Drills
  • Get Your Golf Questions Answered

Contact Bill Sakas

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