2018 BioBlitz Results – Glencoe Golf Club

Audubon International’s BioBlitz 2018 results are in and the Glencoe Golf Club was awarded second place in the most participants competition.  The BioBlitz creates an opportunity for school children, community members and golfers to take a closer look at the habitats provided on golf courses. This event establishes the large diversity of species on golf courses and also helps to raise awareness among golfers and the general public about the environmental value of the habitats supported by golf courses. This was the first year the Glencoe Golf Club took part in the program and through the help of 160 participants over 125 unique species were identified.  The Glencoe Golf Club is making the Audubon International’s BioBlitz an annual event and hopes to engage additional participants next year to come together to enjoy the natural habitat that surrounds the Glencoe community.

BioBlitz Photo Gallery

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